Is your child a
budding inventor?

Yet are they spending a lot of time on apps that you don’t see the value in?

Spaghetti Lab is here to encourage free play in the world of art and technology. Our kits can be challenging, so they work well with groups. Join us in our vision for less screen time, and more me time.

Some people who can benefit from our training:

The Green Thumb

Samual is the gardener of the future. He is experimenting with a soil humidity sensor that notifies him when his plants are running dry. His plants are even able to send out tweets when they are in trouble. By asking the question, “how might we use technology to make agriculture more engaging?”, Samual is prototyping technologies that might be used to help address the planet’s increasing shortage of food.

The Musician

Sarah has been making techno music since she was a teenager. In a genre of music that requires a vision for the future, she is developing tools that allow her to shape sound in realtime for her performances. She can build controllers that connect to her body in ways that no one else has access to – because she invented them herself. By asking the question,
“how might we use technology to re-imagine the art of music performance?”, Sarah is creating the future for herself.

The Dreamer

We call the underlying technologies in the Spaghetti Lab “maker media” because the only limits are in the hands of the user and what they want to make. It doesn’t matter what age you are, or what gender you were born, we want to help you tap into the innovator that exists inside of yourself. Whatever you are interested in –
medicine, security, art, or marketing – there is something for you to learn from prototyping your ideas. We are not just providing kits and lessons, we are helping change our relationship with technology.

Electric Linguini

A device that runs on imagination. Our flagship toolbox for inventors who want to learn how to prototype with electronics.

Add a four week course or 1-on-1 training to make sure you get all the guidance you need.

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We are based in Toronto, Canada, home to the sixth largest Italian population in the world.