Hey i’m Elliott Fienberg, and I started¬†Spaghetti Lab¬†as a way to share what i’m learning and to help others discover their path.

My background is in music and sound art, but my interest in these areas led me to learn more about programming and building hardware along the way.

I’m busy working on simple tools to help artists play with technology and integrate new innovations in their work, in the areas of sound and video technology.

I’m interested in learning more about how we can make these tools accessible to everyone, and how we can customize them to suit our personality and working style.

On this site you will find tutorials on using technologies such as Arduino, Pure Data, and Ableton Live, as well as profiles of artists who have made significant innovations in the field of media art over the past century.

Looking to the future i’m interested in seeing how we can integrate some of these techniques into the world of education and corporate innovation to help students and teams express themselves through the process of prototyping.