Creative Tinkering with Tomash Ghzegovsky

Tomash Ghzegovsky is a Berlin based artist and tinkerer. Over on his website you can find an extensive catalog of interesting projects he’s worked on. We asked him a few question about his background and how he stays inspired to work on experimental projects.

Where did you grow up and what were some of the popular activities in your childhood? And how did you get started with tinkering with DIY electronics and creative code?

I’ve spent a big chunk of my childhood relocating. But I’ve mostly grew up in Kiev, Ukraine and Nicosia, Cyprus.

The first thing I used to do when I got a new toy was to tear it down, to see what’s inside and then *try* to put it back together. Later on I started trying to mod them, I remember bending some handheld brick game consoles. By the time I got into secondary school and got my own real computer, I could already program in Pascal and Visual Basic.

How do you spend your days at the moment, and where does the tinkering fit into the schedule?

I’m currently employed at Lofelt, a company developing haptic technologies. Which is great, I get to do a lot of tinkering and prototyping during the day, and already have two projects I worked on that were mass produced. The more personal projects usually come late at night or over the weekends, at the expense of sleep deprivation or social interaction. In general trying to LIVE.

What are some sites and resources you check out regularly to stay inspired and learning new tricks?

I would say a daily dose of Create Digital MusicHackaday, and some good old Aussie engineering rants from EEVblog keeps me fit. And a couple of Facebook groups like Synth DIY.

What are some companies or organizations that you love to follow online? 

Music Tech Fest, a three day festival focused on technological innovations, artistic experimentation, performances, new inventions and academic research. Bastl Instruments, a Czech community driven company building very innovative and crazy projects and teenage engineering are also definitely pushing things forward in interesting ways. 

What sort of activities do you do to build your career as an artist?  Do you apply to be a part of shows or gallery exhibits? 

Lately the focus on engineering took a little bit of a toll on the more artistic side of things. But I’m trying to slowly balance things out again. But in general yes, usually applying for some sort of art residencies, installations, performances, festivals and workshops. I had the luck to already participate in a distinctive range of international events, like CTM Berlin, MTF Stockholm, Nuits Sonores & European Lab, Pépinières européennes pour Jeunes Artistes, Park in Progress, Fasma Athens, Moving Silence and recently worked with Mika Oki on her piece for Atonal Berlin.

What advice do you have for aspiring artists on moving their career forward? 

Collaborate as much as possible, participate in workshops, hack-labs, organize meetups or jams, hang out at synth fests, galleries and record stores. Travel much as possible. Contribute something back to the community. And don’t forget to have fun 😉 

What are some of your favourite places in Berlin? 

Schneiders Laden, the synthesizer heaven, Common Ground a little store and workshop set up by the lovely people of Koma Elektronik, Grunewald and Tempelhofer Feld to get away from all the electronic madness. Club der Visionäre for some groovy summer nights.

Thanks Tomash!

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