Exhaust All Options with a List of 100

List of 100 is a creative technique in which you, as the title implies, make a list of 100 items around the topic you’re tackling. An example of this technique in action would be if you are in charge of promoting a play or concert, and you need to come up with some novel ways of getting the word out. So you can make a list of 100 ways of promoting your play.

Maybe you are inventing a product, you can strategically make a list of 100 problems that people have with the current solutions.

What’s going to happen is the first batch of ideas are going to be the expected ones. You’ll get those out of the way with. You’ll then reach a point of struggle, and it’s fine if you write a bunch of garbage ideas. In the last phase of the project you’ll start to synthesize both the obvious and the ridiculous, and you should start to see some good ideas that you can explore further.

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