Use Morning Pages to Help Unblock Creativity

Something that might help you in your creative journey is adopting the practise of morning pages, which was first popularized by the book The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron.

While there are many variations on how to do this idea, my suggestion is that first thing in the morning after you wake, set the timer for 10 or 15 minutes and just write. If you get stuck on a word, write blah blah blah until something coherent comes out.

While it may appear to be a writing exercise at first, it’s really not. The idea is that creative work involves working around various blockages of the mind. We get caught up in our thoughts, and need to learn how to set them aside.

Morning pages also have the effect of helping you get organized in your tasks for work or school as well. Since you’re writing out what’s on your mind, it should become apparent to you what’s most important, and what really needs to get done for you to make some progress.

I personally write my morning pages in the default Notes application in my Mac. Many people prefer to do them by hand though. Try out a few different ways to find what’s write for you.

Read more about morning pages on Julia Cameron’s site.

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