Creative Code School

Welcome to the creative coding course by Spaghetti Lab. My name is Elliott and I’ve spent many years researching and playing around with different tools for creating DIY projects with technology.

I created this course to help get you started with programming while you have extra time due to the current situation with C-19.

We are going to work with Python, and use this popular programming language to work on some basics. The lessons should take about 20 minutes per day, and will give you the springboard to work on your own projects afterwards.

What you will learn:

  • Setting up Python with Anaconda
  • What are variables
  • How to create If Statements
  • Using While and For Loops
  • Arrays (also called Lists)
  • Making a mini-database with dictionaries
  • Drawing shapes with
  • Making a Pong game with the Turtle library

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