Use Bodystorming to Work Through a Design IRL

When designing an app or some kind of service, we tend to think that all of the design process happens on paper. The problem with this is that it leaves out the human component to everything we do.

Bodystorming is like brainstorming, except you act an idea out with your colleagues.

One of the best examples of bodystorming is in the movie The Founder, about the creators of McDonald’s. The fast food industry in the 1960s was anything but fast, so the McDonald brothers wanted to change that. When designing a new kitchen, they took their staff to a nearby tennis court, and drew plans for kitchen with chalk on the ground.

Then they got everyone to act out the process of making hamburgers and kept tweaking it until everything seemed just right.

With that information, they were able to go ahead and re-design the kitchen for real.

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