Visualize Your Creative Enterprise with the Business Model Canvas

Business plans are one to help get your creative practice in order. They help you identify how you will be able to add value to other people’s lives and figure out how you will become sustainable.

The problem with business plans is they can be long, and also hard to see everything on one page. The Business Model Canvas is one tool to help you visualize the whole business, and make changes on the fly by using post-it notes to fill in the key areas.

The Business Model Canvas is not a substitute for writing a business plan, but just another tool that you can use in the planning process.

To get started with this tool, you can grab a PDF of it here, or dive in deeper about business models with the book Business Model Generation by Strategyzer, the creators of the canvas.

Another tool that we’ve made ourselves to help you is the Creative Project Planner, which helps set some goals to work towards. Grab it here if you don’t already have yours.

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